Positive results matter in business and it never happens by accident. These companies have scored well and have chose to share their successful results using actual percentages or dollar and cents terminology. By consistently executing proven business strategies and through collaborative efforts, these business owners have improved operations and increased sales and profits over a 6-18 month time frame.

We congratulate them for their hard work, determination and dedication and support their continuing and future success.

Testimonial – Read Design Window Fashions

Testimonial – Airdrie Paint & Decor

Testimonial – ASAP Blinds


Client Testimonial

Business Planning

Drapery Affair, Ventura, CA


Jim Menelli, Naples, FL

Troy Jordan, Baltimore, MD

Multiple Locations

Al Streimel, Denver, CO

Bill Cole, Atlanta, GA

Will Bathke, Minnesota

Rebarts, San Diego, CA

Young Professionals

Kate Wells, Plano, Tx