S2 – M&S 5

Marketing & Sales Workbook 5

Understanding Personality Styles & Body Language To Increase Sales

Part of Seminar Series II

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(Series II ▪ #05 ▪ 2 Hrs)

People respond to a sales pitch in different ways. Everyone hears the same words, but all interpret them differently. Some people are more instinctive decision makers, responding to a presentation with a willingness to take action straight away. Others leave decision‐making to the very last minute, not because they’re not interested, but it’s just not a priority at that moment. Discover the traits that drive your customer’s decision‐making process. Could you be failing to convert prospects because you have a singular selling approach? We'll discuss how to adjust your presentation techniques to match your customer’s different buying styles.  

This seminar discusses the signals to successfully monitor your customer’s communication style and body language. Communicating effectively will result in sales growth, an enhanced and memorable experience for customers, and an easier experience for both the salesperson and the customer. We'll explore the meaning of what customers won't tell you, but reveal in their body language. We'll review how you can change other people's perceptions simply by changing body positions. What is your customer’s body language telling you? It’s what they won’t say that really matters and you must stay alert to what isn’t being said.

This seminar includes:

  • Four personality buying traits
  • Selling to a behavior matrix
  • Making it memorable
  • Color behavior styles
  • Your behavior styles
  • What body language reveals
  • Selling tips for color behavior styles
  • Communicate the way your customer needs
  • Impact of body language in selling presentations
  • Communicate in a way that complements their style
  • Adjust your presentation to match your customer’s buying style