S2 – M&S 4

Marketing & Sales Workbook 4

Designing Today's Presentation For Tomorrow's Clients

Part of Seminar Series II

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(Series II ▪ #04 ▪ 2 Hrs)

This seminar provides business owners with the basic tools and training essential to successfully operate a small or mid‐size business. We’ll discuss the operational side of business and set the stage for the MWCG Business seminar series which covers business planning, understanding financial statements, operations, the selling and marketing process, social media and e‐marketing. Attend this seminar sampler for a taste of eight seminar topics. You’ll be motivated to apply new ideas and concepts to your business. You’ll be inspired to review, analyze and update your current business model and prepared to write or re‐write your current business plan.

This seminar includes:

  • Today’s business climate
  • Your changing customer
  • Communication process
  • Prospecting possibilities
  • Business building ideas
  • A new look at change
  • The basics: marketing plan, utilizing proven marketing concepts
  • Marketing and advertising tools to thrive now and into the future