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Marketing & Sales Workbook 3

Traditional Marketing: The Starter Guide

Part of Seminar Series II

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(Series II ▪ #03 ▪ 3 Hrs)

Marketing is really just as simple as telling the right story to the right people. It’s the process of building a brand and recognition for your reputation. Every business has a brand, good or bad. What’s yours? What should you do to build the brand you want and deserve? Attend this seminar to learn how to develop and utilize key elements of traditional marketing and integrate real‐world experience with established marketing concepts and principles. Learn specific tools that will drive customers to your business. Walk away with answers to your marketing questions. 

This seminar includes:

  • Marketing defined
  • Your marketing plan
  • Positioning statement
  • Seven “P’s” of marketing
  • USP ‐ Unique selling proposition
  • Branding and brand positioning
  • Maximizing your advertising dollars
  • How visual merchandising helps increase sales
  • Taking advantage of co‐branding opportunities
  • The tools that drive customers to your business
  • Advertising tools savvy business owners using nationwide
  • How using technology can create an effective business buzz
  • Why a well‐defined referral program is an absolute necessity