Management & Marketing Workbook 9

The Business of Blogging

Part of Seminar Series I

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(Series I ▪ #1009 ▪ 2 CEU ▪ 2 Hrs)

There are no secrets or a magic wand that will bring success in the world of blogging. It’s a combination of good luck, hard work and consistency. Social media is an essential part of any business marketing plan. Blogging is an excellent opportunity to increase your web presence, improve ranking and create demand for your products and/or services. Many business owners and staff struggle with creating or developing content. What separates you from other blogs is your credibility and expertise in your field. Create a blogging strategy using high quality content to ensure you build a reputation for thought leadership that will pay off long term.

This seminar includes: 

  • Benefits of blogging
  • Optimizing your blog
  • Creating your blogging strategy
  • Using images and screenshots
  • Understanding what platform to use
  • Step‐by‐step guide to creating your blog
  • Examples of setting up a blog and a dashboard
  • Building a foundation with content to increase your sales and following