Management & Marketing Workbook 3

12 Reasons Why To Hire A Designer

Part of Seminar Series I

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(Series I ▪ #1003 ▪ 1 CEU ▪ 1½ Hrs)

This seminar integrates real world experiences with established business concepts and principles that will guide you on the path to sales, profits and the ability to secure more design projects. We’ll outline twelve steps you can take to differentiate yourself and add value to your expertise, plus seven ideas you can use immediately. Reposition yourself as the curator of elements that comprise good design while delivering an experience that can only be achieved by hiring YOU, for your expertise and execution. If you’re passionate about design and you're still not earning what you deserve, then chances are, you could use a little brushing up on business skills and innovative selling approaches to grow your design business.

This seminar includes: 

  • Overcoming objections
  • First impressions
  • Attracting and reaching more clients
  • Powerful testimonials
  • Differentiating your business to stand out
  • Closer’s package
  • Fresh innovative selling approaches to closing
  • Why prospects are mystified about your profession