Management & Marketing Workbook 2

What Every Interior Designer Should Know About Prospecting

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(Series I ▪ #1002 ▪ 3 CEU ▪ 3 Hrs)

If the idea of prospecting makes you feel anxious, wanting to run and hide, this seminar is designed for YOU! Mastering prospecting principles can double, triple and quadruple your clients and your sales. Build sales at a rate of 20‐25% compounded annually, for the next 3‐5 years, by integrating a prospecting or lead generation strategy into your business model. Most small businesses are fueled by referrals and past customers, but in today’s economy that might not be enough to support your growth strategy. We’ll share the best practices and marketing examples from businesses who participated in our 2014 and 2015 pilot program. This seminar provides easy and powerful strategies you can apply immediately to attract more qualified customers. You’ll learn why prospecting is vital to the growth of business and why not having a tactical prospecting plan in place will result in lost revenue. You’ll discover how you can more effectively achieve the #1 goal of prospecting…getting an appointment with a qualified customer.

This seminar includes: 

  • Understanding the art and science of prospecting
  • Creating and vetting a prospecting list that yields results
  • Finding and hiring new motivated super sales representatives
  • Financing a new salesperson without draining your working capital
  • Motivating your team to embrace prospecting in your business model
  • Integrating 20+ prospecting/lead generating opportunities and strategies
  • Creating a sales staff compensation plan using identified key components
  • Developing e‐folder and hard copy prospecting folders to generate interest
  • Targeting associations
  • Hosting Prospecting Events
  • Prospecting process steps
  • Prospecting tips and tactics
  • Prospecting keys to success

Attendees will receive a compensation calculator, forecasting calculator, detailed e‐workbook, training materials to develop and hone sales representative’s prospecting skills, in addition to a supplemental workbook, including scripts with over 20 elevator speeches for common prospecting scenarios.