Management & Marketing Workbook 14

Creating Videos & Your YouTube Channel to Drive Sales

Part of Seminar Series I

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(Series I ▪ #1014 ▪ CEU ▪ 4 Hrs)

We’ll present practical information on expanding your online marketing strategy to meet business goals by developing your brand on YouTube. To maximize your effort and drive sales on your YouTube channel, you’ll need to spend time becoming a valuable asset to your audience by developing into a brand they rely on now and into the future. Your key to success will be educating your audience or customer base on concerns and topics they care about, and providing realistic solutions. This seminar will enable you to develop a marketing strategy designed to meet your business goals.

This seminar includes: 

  • Videoing do’s and don’ts
  • Finding help to create your online videos
  • Having fun and making money with videos
  • Building a brand relationship with your audience
  • Creating a step‐by‐step plan to build your YouTube channel
  • Purchasing low cost equipment packages to create your videos
  • Researching industry‐specific subjects to develop relevant videos
  • Getting started by using ideas from a pro to create a professional image
  • Using easy‐to‐use video software with transitions, music, photos and voiceovers