Management & Marketing Workbook 13

Creating Your Local Presence Online That Drives Sales

Part of Seminar Series I

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(Series I ▪ #1013 ▪ 1 CEU ▪ 1 Hrs)

Having a robust online presence creates a strong local presence to drive sales. Knowing the in’s and out’s will help move you to the top spot on the search page when keywords are used to search products and services. The majority of online consumers will look globally, but purchase locally. If your business doesn’t have a strong digital footprint which is driving sales to your business, you need to attend this seminar. We’ll focus on practical information about how to develop your local online brand. Marketing online is part art and part science, and finding the balance is key. This seminar will outline the steps, tactics and strategies that only the pro’s know. After the seminar you’ll be able to develop a marketing strategy designed to meet your business goals. We’ll outline the steps to help move you to the top of the first search page and present a case study example in real time.

This seminar includes: 

  • Creating your online presence
  • Understanding SEO / Search Engine Optimization
  • Identifying content to write and share for the web
  • Using your website as the hub of your social media experience
  • Reinforcing your brand and what you offer your target market
  • Creating a strong and successful online presence using a step‐by‐step plan
  • Attracting customers even if they have not heard of you and your brand
  • Using a personal approach and sharing people and stories will help build consumer trust
  • Choosing media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr