Business Building and Development Workbook 5

What They Did Not Teach You in Design School: The Business Side of Design/Exploding Your Sales and Profitability

Part of Seminar Series II

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(Series II ▪ #2005 ▪ 4 CEU ▪ 4 Hrs)

You need knowledge and resources to sustain your dream of owning a successful interior design firm. You have to do your homework, create a business plan and take action. During this seminar, designers will learn how to assess and grow their business using time‐tested, proven diagnostic tools. The plans and examples created specifically for the interior design community by other interior design professionals in areas of marketing and sales will be shared. Your success will be achieved when you incorporate the business side of design with your great design.

We’ll provide answers to the three most important questions business owners have:

  • How do I determine my profitability?
  • How do I improve my profitability?
  • How can I grow my business now?

This seminar includes:

  • Understanding the power of your financials and key business formulas
  • Calculating your overall selling price of goods and services
  • Differentiating between fixed and variable costs
  • Improving your overhead expenses

In order to thrive and survive in a new business, it’s important to have the right strategy and use the right tactics. Your strategies must be efficient and effective, so your business will continue to prosper.